Lavender is my favorite essential oil! I use it for so many things, and I get excited to create new products with it. My friend Sarah made me these beautiful essential oil bracelets. These are my favorite bracelets! I'm so impressed with how long the essential oil lasts. Please, check into "Sarah Katherine Styled" blog and instagram!  

I use lavender essential oil to help me fall asleep at night. Hi, I'm Autumn and I struggle with anxiety and insomnia... with all joking aside I have found a few remedies that help me get some Zzz's:

 I spray a mixture of lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil, and distilled water in a spray bottle. I spray my pillowcase every night before bed. I rub doterra lavender touch on my temples and inner wrist. I love a hot bath and I'll use an Always Autumn Crafts bath bomb or soaking salts, or both because somedays are hard! I'll fall asleep with my "Sleepy Time Blend" diffusing the night away. My "Sleepy Time Blend" is lavender, chamomile, and vanilla. 

Taking a few drops of Charlotte's Web has helped me dramatically. I get my Charlotte's Web from my local health food store, and I admire the Stanley Brother's so much!

Getting a good nights sleep is crucial for overall well-being. I try to help myself in every way I can. 

Have you ever tried lavender lemonade? It's the most refreshing drink you'll taste! 

What you'll need?

1 Tablespoon dried lavender flowers

1 Cup sugar

2 Cups boiling water

2 Cups freshly squeezed lemon juice

3 cups cold water

In a bowl combine lavender petals, sugar and boiling water. Mix until sugar has been disolved. Cover mixture and cool in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

Strain the lavender simple syrup, and mix lemon juice and cold water. 

Add sliced lemons and lavender petals for garnish.

Lavender Soaking Salt Recipe

1 Cup Epsom Salts

1/4 cup Dead Sea Minerals

1 Tablespoon liquid coconut oil

1 Tablespoon lavender petals

6 drops doterra lavender essential oils  

You'll enjoy the SOFTEST and CALMEST bath of your life!