This cold and flu season has been horrible, and never ending at times. Finding natural, and helpful benefits can seem just as hard. Here are a few simple tips, and products that have helped us this year...

Always Autumn Crafts has a "Cold & Flu Buster" bath bomb. Once you pop the bath bomb in your bath, a relieving blend of essential oils are released. These bath bombs are packed with very strong, and reliefing oils. Pure essential oils include: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Menthol. 

A hot bath is always relaxing, and comforting. These bath bombs will help your airways open, and help with breathing. It's like a natural vick's vapor rub, but in the bath - and no greasy grossness! Epsom salts, kaolin clay, dead sea minerals, and activated charcoal - really help to detoxify and relieve the aching body!

Make sure to drink water... lots and lots of WATER! Stay hydrated. 

I mix Emergen C in my water every morning, and it helps me when I first start to feel a cold coming on. The added Vitamin C and minerals will help your body so much. - I really like the raspberry! 

Elderberry syrup is a game changer! It suprisingly taste great, and it's packed full of nutrients. It's definitely a magical - natural elixir.  

Guaifenesin! We have this stocked up in every part of our house. It's all natural, and a pure plant. It breaks down mucus, and helps your breathing. Walmart, and other grocery stores, sell these for about 99 cents a bottle. Great to have around the house. 

SLEEEEEP!! It's self-expanitary, but a huge part of healing and recovering. Meletolin is a great option for natural sleep relief. Always ask a doctor if you are concerned, but it has helped our family tremendously! 

Grab some night time tea! I love making herbal night time tea, and adding a spash of almond  milk. It's very comforting and helps me wind down for bed. It's also so relieving on my throat. 

Essential oil diffusers! Our diffuser is on ALL the time. We love it in The Grant House! It acts as a humidifier, but releases such beautiful essential oils. We put lavendar oils in at night, and it really helps calm our space. In the mornings/afternoons I like to mix Peppermint and Sweet Orange oils. It's uplifting and helps my air ways breathe. Also, Peppermint, Eculyptus, and Tea Tree are amazing when I'm feeling stuffy. 

I hope these help, and thank you for supporting my business! Let me know how our Cold & Flu bath bombs made you feel. Stay healthy and happy friends! - Autumn