Every month, Always Autumn Crafts, donates 10% of it's online proceeds to The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. When doing craft fairs, and festivals we like to choose local charities to help support the community. 

In light of the recent Las Vegas tragedies, we wanted to donate to a music related charity. We choose Beneath The Skin, because of the work they do with youth and young adults. Not to mention my husband really likes the founder's (Brittany Mullins) husband's band (Memphis May Fire.) They also have a very postitive "Marriage Monday's" blog, and hold a very inspiring Christ centered marriage. We just can't admire them enough.

Including The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Always Autumn Crafts, will be donating 10% of online, and local craft fairs proceeds. 

Here is a little description found on Beneath The Skin's home page...

Beneath The Skin, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in July 2015, reflecting the vision of its founder, Brittany Mullins.  In 2009 Brittany had her first heartbreaking interaction with a fan of her husband’s band, Memphis May Fire. This young girl told Brittany her story of abandonment, self-harm, and drug abuse. With many more encounters over the years It was clear there was great need for an organization like BTS.  The stories included teens and young adults who came from broken homes, lacking love and guidance. An absence of acceptance by their peers and overall not feeling a sense of belonging or worth. Many dealt with common struggles such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, isolation, and the list went on. Brittany started with her connection to the music scene, reaching out to the teens & young adults that she had direct access to. She has since expanded into supporting all teens and young adults across the country who will benefit from the services BTS provides.  We value healthy relationship, self-love, quality of life, hope, and most importantly, Christ-centered faith.  

Brittany Mullins  Beneath The Skin  Founder // Executive Director

Beneath The Skin has mentoring programs all over the country, and helps kids and young adults feel safe. It's okay to not be okay, and you will always have someone to talk to. Kids growing up in broken homes, paralyzed by anxiety, or struggling with depression, really have a safe place. Shedding light on mental illness is such an amazing thing! 

Please, check out Beneath The Skin's website! See if you can be a mentor as well.