Summer is here and so are those pesky insects. Whether you are going camping, to your children's ball games, or just simply walking your dog... or drinking on the back porch, these soaps will help ward off bugs. 

These soaps are made with pure citronella essentials oils. Each scent is carefully cordinated with other known bug repellent essential oils. These smell great, are all natural, and have bug repellent properties. 

If your children are going to any camps this summer, or our outside a lot this product is great for them. 

Since all our products are all natural, and use plant based pigment, they are safe for the gentlest of skin. 

These handmade soaps are used like any normal bar soap. The only thing different is these are the essential oils that are effectively used to help repel insects. Moisturizing oils are incorporated into each bar of soap and will help the essential oils blend on your skin. The beautiful smells will last for hours. 

All our products are vegan, cruelty-free, all natural, and gluten-free. 

Products you and your family can count on and that are good for the body and our eviroment are our main concern. We want all our products to be the very best and ethical.

These of course make perfect gifts, along with our other items. If you and your family are outdoors a lot, this will be the new essential item for your home.