I wanted to write a post about myself so my customers could get to know me a little better, and why I started this company. 

My name is Autumn Grant, and I live in the heart of "Music City" Nashville, TN. I grew up and lived in Illinois for 23 years. I married my husband in July of 2015, and we have two beautiful, spoiled pups... Sawyer and Emery.

 I went to school for cosmetology, and graduated with my liscense and cosmetology degree in applied science. 

When I was in school I was blown away about all the different chemicals we expose our bodies too. Not just in hair dye, bleach, and perms, but in everyday products. I was taken a back when I learned that the average person exposes thier bodies to 500+ chemicals a day. This is some scary stuff. This affects not only women's care, but men, children, and even pets. 

I was also so shocked to find out what company's do to animals. Name brand, drug-store, to high end all do the same horrible things to these poor creatures.  I was heart broken. Since then my household has gone completely cruelty-free and we have passed on our knowledge to friends and family who have made the changes as well. Especially with owning a beagle, my heart just hurts finding out what they do to those poor puppies. Ever creature deserves respect.

About a year later, when I turned 23, I watched "Forks over Knives". I immedietly went vegetarian, and soon became vegan. After my husbands mocking, and thinking this was crazy, he now is vegan as well. Side note... he's lost 15 lbs, gained muscle, sleeps soundly, and has so much energy. He absolutely LOVES it. It's so heartwarming to see him read labels, and check to see if things are vegan. He's definetly a cruelty-free advocate, and it makes me so proud.

My husband graduated college in 2016, and we moved for his job in less than two weeks. That is how we ended up in Tennessee, and we absolutely love it. I applied at a communiations firm, and I'm currently still a receptionist for them. I missed my creative outlet, but I liked the stability that I wasn't geting from the salon. 

My dad got extemely ill in January of 2017. We almost lost him, and it was the hardest thing i've ever gone through. My father was in the hospital for two months, was in four different hospitals, and two states. Luckily he survied, and he is our miracle. During the first month of his battle, I decided to make bath bombs, and soaking salts for a fundraiser. I went to local craft fairs, church banquets and then started my beauty care on etsy. Staying busy with this fundraiser, really kept my mind out of a dark place. It helped out in more ways than one. Family is everything to me!  

You might wonder why my name is AlwaysAutumnCrafts, if I make beauty products... well I made an account on etsy to sell my wreaths. I used to make them when I lived in Illinois, and when we moved to Tennesee I created AlwaysAutumnCrafts to still sell them. When I incorporated the bath and beauty products the name still stuck. But hey... my names Autumn, and beauty is my craft. haha

My etsy, and local support took off, and I'm forever grateful. My products are in a few local shops here in Franklin, TN, and in Nashville, TN. I'm working on some collaborations with YouTubers, and bloggers. My goals are: to have my own shop, and have my online sales shipped world-wide. I want this to be my main focus, and to live my dream.

Each month 10% of my proceeds are going straight to The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. They are wonderful, and definelty need to be checked out. I'm still a very small company and 10% is all I can give at the moment. Another goal for me is to grow my business so I can donate more, and to include more charitys. 

Being vegan, and cruelty-free has changed my life! I want to give the world quality, ethical products, and to make a change. We deserve it. The animals deserve it. Our planet deserves it. 

Thank you for all the support!


Autumn Grant